I am in the final stages of having a not-for-profit non-government-organization (NGO) registered in partnership with my daughter. The foundation will be a social enterprisse – I have a registered business name “Free massage for your donation” and a domain name I will run it like a private small business – applying commercial strategies to maximize income like private business, but all profits will be donated to the White Lotus foundation. The donations will be used to start small massage centres for the blind in poor countries, where the blind will be first trained and then offered a job.

The name of the organization will be White Lotus Foundation. I chose to name it after the flower, because the seeds germinate in the murky and muddy and dirty bottom of waters, where all the dead matter is rotting and decomposing. One rehabilitating heroin addict compared himself to the lotus seed – he felt he was growing from the filth of drug addiction to a new and clean life. In the same way, I expect that my students will feel – leaving behind the humiliating life of a blind street beggar and becoming a health service provider.

I would like the feel of the logo “transition of a blind street beggar into a masseuse”┬átransition of a blind street beggar into a masseuse.


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